This unique hidden gem is placed on top of the original 16th century building, that was fully renovated in 2013. All of the original architecture was kept untouched, and Above 5 still remains the only rooftop restaurant in the Old Town Dubrovnik.
Experience romantic and unforgettable Mediterranean views of the ancient city walls, red roofs and stone streets, sea and neighboring islands.


Just a small walk down the narrow side street Od Sigurate, located just off the Stradun main street, on top of the Boutique Hotel Stari Grad and 5 flights of stairs up.
Offering you a mesmerizing, captivating, 360 degree view of the historical city of Dubrovnik.


We have a team of welcoming and kind personnel, with a great knowledge behind the dishes served to you.  Our kitchen team is perfecting their techniques of modern gastronomy, and are highly motivated and driven to get better every day. All trained by great chefs, we have no doubt your experience will be unforgettable.


Our food preparation process consists of using high quality ingredients and modern techniques, to create flavors unique to our menu. Dry aged meat, in house smoking and sous vide are just a few to mention.