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  • Fruit bowl
    Greek yogurt and berries smoothie, banana, kiwi, almonds, coconut, honey
    90 kn
  • Salmon & Avocado bowl
    House smoked salmon, avocado, quinoa, soft boiled egg
    135 Kn
  • Sunny side up
    Eggs, tomato jam, feta
    75 Kn
  • Eggs Benedict
    Homemade brioche, bacon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce
    95 Kn
  • Eggs Royale
    Homemade brioche,house smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce
    125 Kn
  • Cheese and Veggies
    Homemade brioche, guacamole, radish, cherry tomatoes, feta
    95 Kn


  • Smoked sea bass
    House smoked sea bass, spring onions, tomatoes, sour cream, cuttle fish ink tuile
    135 Kn
  • Pan fried prawns
    Butternut squash cream, chilli salt, feta and butternut squash salad
    125 Kn
  • Beef tagliata
    Grilled beef, grilled pepper, marinated zucchini, garlic cream
    130 Kn
  • Dalmatian pogača
    Homemade brioche, tomato con't, garlic cream, anchovies, parsley oil, caramelized onions
    115 Kn
  • Beef tartare
    Beef tenderloin, tomatoes, capers, spring onions, anchovies, hollandaise sauce, parmesan
    145 Kn


  • Tuna steak
    Tuna steak, cucumber gazpacho, avocado salad, poached egg
    245 Kn
  • Sea bass
    Sea bass fillet, celery cream, baby spinach, roasted pine nuts, fish jus
    225 Kn
  • Poached lobster
    Homemade pasta, poached lobster, dried tomatoes
    285 Kn
  • Herb crusted rack of lamb
    Rack of lamb, sweet potato cream, pickled onions
    210 Kn
  • Beef tenderloin
    Beef tenderloin (220 g), potato cream, grilled veggies, demi-glace
    265 Kn


  • Chocolate and coffee
    Chocolate walnut cake, namelaka cream, salted caramel, homemade coffee ice cream
    95 Kn
  • Grapefruit Panna Cotta
    Panna cotta, ginger and anise compote, grapefruit supreme, candied grapefruit peel
    75 Kn
  • Pavlova
    Pavlova base, berries sauce, mascarpone cream, blueberries, red currant
    80 Kn
  • Basil - Apple
    Basil apple sorbet, bize crumble, apple slices, basil oil
    70 Kn
  • The perfect cheese platter
    Selection of cheese, apple cream with cinnamon and roasted almonds
    185 Kn